History of Football in Hyderabad

History of Football in Hyderabad

In the era of British colonialism football in India was facilitated by British regimental teams and missionaries. As the British government was located in Calcutta the first clubs were founded in the eastern region of India during the 1880s. Moving beyond Calcutta, football spread across India and flourished in the southern city of Hyderabad.

The premier team from the region was the state owned Hyderabad City Police, with their first prominent win against The royal air force football team comprising legendary denis campton in 1943 to victors of the Ashe Gold cup

By the lates 1940s The Hyderabad City Police established their domainance, in the 1950 Durand Football tournament, the first after independence in 1947, that established Hyderabad City Police as a legand in Indian Football. In that memorable final they trailed Mohun Bagan 0-2 until ten minutes before the final whistle but euqlized in the last few moments, going on to win the replay 1-0. This dramatic fight back won the hearts of the crowd. Until India started a semi-profesional national league in the 1996 season the Durand Cup was the most prestigious tournament on the Indian circuit.

The club won the rovers cup for five years in a row, from 1950 to 1955 and state league championships for 11 consecutive years. Hyderabad city police participated in 12 national tournements and won all of them.

N.A Fruvall, as the captain of the Hyderabad City Police in the 1940s with pivital in the success of the club by recruiting star players and moulding the team into a coherent unit and into one of the best football teams in the country.  Syed Abdul Rahim took over from N.A. Fruvll to become the first coach of Hyderabad city Police in 1943, consequetively couched the Indian football team from the 1950 until 1963. Syed Abdul Rahim was a teacher by profession but a great tactician, motivator and disciplinarian but was known for popularizing football in hyderabad by his innovative coaching methods.

The Hyderabad City police comprised of players with exemplary manners who received few rewards and support for their performances, the club become popular all over india and came to be identified as the team of the common man.

With a significant number of hyderabad players comprising the squad that went on to represent India in the Helsink, Melbourne and Rome Olympics games and with Indian placing 4th in the tally at the 1956 Melbourne olympics, proving hyderabad produced high quality football players



History of FATEH

Fateh Hyderabad A.F.C is a young professional football club that currently plays in the 2nd Division I-League. As Hyderabad's first I-League club, it will also compete in the Telangana Football Association's Rahim League A Division.

The club philosophy is to focus its resources on grassroots and infrastructure, investing under a value conscious model with a sustainable approach. The club aims to create opportunities for professional careers while developing youth and facilities to improve the technical standard of football in Hyderabad.

The club was founded by Yogesh Maurya and Aditya Narayanan who share a passion to see the standard of Indian football improve consistently.

The Club has been named Fateh Hyderabad as a representation of the victory of the heart, truth and character. It is part of Fateh Hyderabad's founding ethos to value character over talent and ability, and that football as a game is bigger than all involved and in its purest sense, must be respected as a socioeconomic common denominator.

Founding Members



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