Fateh Hyderabad through it’s passionate team of grassroots experts will create a unified strategy to develop Indian grassroots football culture to world class standards. With an aim to build a strong grassroots program, Fateh Hyderabad will operate programs for children aged 3-13 which will be designed for children to develop their technical competency to maximize their experience with the world game.

The grassroots program will be launched 2016 in Hyderabad with wide spread easy access to the facilitates.

Your brand will be involved and be seen in the grassroots program across all the public and private schools.

With a reach of over 200,000 families nation wide the grassroots program will enable a wide scope for branding

The Grassroots Program will be geared towards engaging children from 3 to 12 years of age. This allows for early exposure to the technicality of the sports to develop

Ascending and descending motor pathways and Foot – Eye coordination

With Grassroots centers conveniently situated across the city in public school grounds, council playgrounds and private football fields, the exposure to football will be wide reaching allowing for easy access.

Trained instructors along with the Senior I-league team will be integral in delivering quality training to the children enrolled in the program, to develop the manipulation and technical skills required to fast track motor and cognitive development for the sport.

The training programs developed for the children will be tailored to each age group and facilitate a fun enjoyable experience for the child, along with information for parents to further support and guide their child in the sport.

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