Fateh’s national round fixtures out

After Fateh Hyderabad finished their first, qualifying round of the 2nd Division League on top of the group, unbeaten and having qualified for the national round, the fixtures for the second round of the 2nd Division League are out.
Fateh Hyderabad will take on Lonestar Kashmir FC, Kenkre FC, Delhi United FC, Southern Samity and Neroca FC in this second round.
Fateh will kick off their second round at home on April 8th against Lonestar Kashmir FC at the Gachibowli Stadium.

The fixtures are as follows –

1) Fateh Hyderabad AFC vs Lonestar Kashmir FC – 8th April (Saturday) – Gachibowli Stadium
2) Fateh Hyderabad AFC vs Delhi United FC – 12th April (Wednesday) – Gachibowli Stadium
3) Fateh Hyderabad AFC vs Neroca FC – 16th April (Sunday) – Gachibowli Stadium
4) Lonestar Kashmir FC vs Fateh Hyderabad AFC – 25th April (Tuesday) – TRC Turf Ground
5) Fateh Hyderabad AFC vs Southern Samity – 29th April (Saturday) – Gachibowli Stadium
6) Delhi United FC vs Fateh Hyderabad AFC – 4th May (Thursday) – Ambedkar Stadium
7) Fateh Hyderabad vs Kenke FC – 9th May (Tuesday) – Gachibowli Stadium
8) Neroca FC vs Fateh Hyderabad AFC – 14th May (Sunday) – Khuman Lampak Stadium
9) Southern Samity vs Fateh Hyderabad AFC – 22nd May (Monday) – Barasat Stadium
10) Kenkre FC vs Fateh Hyderabad AFC – 28th May (Sunday) – Cooperage Stadium


Fateh Hyderabad inks JV with British sports educators PEG

Professional football club Fateh Hyderabad on Wednesday announced a joint venture partnership with the Britain-based sports educators Premier Education Group (PEG) to deliver grassroots sports and performing arts education activities in India.

School going boys and girls of all ages and will now have a possibility to expose and enhance their interests and talents.

Under the JV, PEG will provide technology, systems, personnel and various other expertise to Fateh Hyderabad, that competes in the I-League’s 2nd division.

PEG, a highly respected sports-coaching and education brand with 84 franchisees and 1,000 coaches and tutors around Britain, received over 9 million visits for their activities last year.

“We are thrilled that they have chosen to partner with Fateh Hyderabad to commence their India journey,” said Yogesh Maurya, Technical and Sporting Director of Fateh Hyderabad.

“Improving grassroots opportunities for boys and girls across sports is central to our football club’s plans and PEG is the perfect partner to help us make a larger impact across the Hyderabad community,” he said.

“We found great synergy in Fateh Hyderabad which is building a strong grassroots eco-system in this city and in India. We deliver over 25,000 events a month to schools, children and parents with innovative programmes and initiatives and have been doing so since 1999,” said PEG CEO, David Batch.

(Credit: Business Standard)

Premier Education Group Embark on Joint Venture with AFC Fateh Hyderabad India

Premier Education Group, the UK’s largest provider of sport and physical activity, has announced a joint venture with Fateh Hyderabad AFC of the Indian Football league. The deal will see Premier deliver their programmes in 100 schools initially, with further schools to be added over the next 12 months.

Fateh Hyderabad AFC, a team that plays Football in the I-League, has realised the importance of a minimum 60 minutes of physical activity in every child’s life, daily. The joint venture with Premier Education Group will see them launch Premier Sport and Performing Arts programmes in India, which was unveiled at Hyderabad training ground on Wednesday, is an effort to support this objective.

Premier Education Group CEO (centre) and Yogesh Maurya Technical and Sporting Director of Fateh Hyderabad (right)
Premier Education Group CEO (centre) and Yogesh Maurya Technical and Sporting Director of Fateh Hyderabad (right)
Premier is the largest physical activity provider in the UK and delivers physical education in sport, health and performing arts programmes for children of all ages. Premier will provide the technology, systems, personnel and delivery expertise to Fateh Hyderabad.

Yogesh Maurya, Technical and Sporting Director of Fateh Hyderabad said “Premier is the leading provider of physical education programmes in schools in the UK and has been expanding its footprint internationally. We are thrilled that they have chosen to partner with Fateh Hyderabad to commence their India journey. Improving grassroots opportunities for boys and girls across sports is central to our football club’s plans and Premier is the perfect partner to help us make a larger impact on the Hyderabad community.”

“We found great synergy in Fateh Hyderabad, which is building a strong grassroots eco-system in this city, and in India. In the UK we deliver over 25,000 events a month to schools, children and parents with innovative programmes, and have been doing so since 1999. We’re confident we will be able to strengthen the grassroots of sport and performing arts within schools, as well as develop the potential that exists in India,” Comments David Batch, CEO Premier Education Group

The partnership entails the organisations delivering activities in different sites that have a meaningful, measurable impact, which includes helping grassroots talent development and improving the physical and mental health of children, from pre-school to higher education groups.

“We want to give as many children as we can an opportunity to get physically active and learn about health. We will talk about this in classrooms, community clubs, sports halls and boardrooms,” Yogesh explained.

“Arsenal player, Jack Wilshere, was a part of our UK programme in the under-7 group. Whether children go on to excel, like Wilshere has done, is totally for them. Every child has the right to enjoy sport. Our mission is not to unearth the next superstar in sport, but to engage and give children a start.

We have realised that a child specialising in a sport when very young, is not good for the player. Our programme, which is multi-sport, multi-skill gives them an opportunity to try their hand at different avenues before they make up their mind,” said Batch.

“This programme is a blueprint for life, for kids and the development of the club, fans, parents and educators. All of them are impacted and it is a great model for all centres in India,” Yogesh said.

(Credit: PRNewsWire)

From sports to performing arts

The Fateh Hyderabad Football Club signed a joint venture with United Kingdom-based Premier Education Group (PEG) to promote sports among schoolchildren with an emphasis on physical education as well as to give them a platform to excel in performing arts.

The pilot project has already been undertaken at three schools, and would be extended to about 100 other schools in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in the next six months.

“It is not just about football or any other sport. Those who are not interested in sports can showcase their skills in performing arts. It is a holistic approach with an emphasis on multi-tasking to tap the talent in different disciplines,” says football club chief executive officer Yogesh Maurya.

“The programme aims at boosting confidence and self-esteem among schoolchildren. We will only try to help them evolve and realise their goals,” he says.

Aware that such an initiative would be a huge challenge, Mr. Maurya says they are geared up to face the difficulties since their objective was to ensure a culture of sports and quality education.

The PEG would provide the technology, systems, personnel, and other expertise to the football club.

David Batch, CEO of PEG, said in the U.K. the concept was a big hit because of the emphasis on a strong foundation in fundamentals.

“We are not saying that our role is to produce the next superstar footballer of India. We will only help identify talent based on agility and balance. We will give the children the kind of start they need for their career,” says Mr. Batch, who was the youngest UEFA ‘A’ level qualified coach in the world at the age of 20.

“The programme envisages activity during and after school hours to improve physical and mental health. The parents too will be given a prominent role to play for better results,” he says.

(Credit: V.V. Subrahmanyam, The Hindu)

Fateh Hyderabad top group and qualify for 2nd round

Fateh Hyderabad AFC ended their first round on a high – literally – by topping their group (group C) of the 2nd Division League and qualifying for the second and national round.

Fateh Hyderabad AFC went to Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, to play Pride Sports FC in their last match of the 2nd Division League’s first round on January 24th but had to see the end of their round in an unconventional manner.
Pride Sports FC, which is facing internal problems, forfeited the match by not showing up at the Ordinance Stadium for the match as per regulations. As a result, Fateh Hyderabad were awarded a 3-nil victory as a walkover.
On the same day, the other two teams in the group, Kenkre FC and Ozone FC, also faced each other off in Mumbai where Ozone FC emerged victorious with a 3-2 scoreline. This loss for Kenkre made them drop their top spot to Fateh Hyderabad, who received three points due to the forfeit and walkover victory.

Fateh remain the only team in the group to be unbeaten in their six matches – with three wins and three draws. They ended their round with 12 points with Kenkre FC being the other team from the group to qualify with 11 points.

Fateh Hyderabad will commence their second round in April having the Rahim League before that in March.

Fateh Hyderabad get a 3-0 victory awarded in last match

Fateh Hyderabad went to Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, to play their last match of the round against Pride Sports FC, which unfortunately did not go underway.

Pride Sports FC, which is facing internal problems, forfeited the match as the players and coach did not show up for the game at the Ordinance Stadium. As a result, Fateh Hyderabad were awarded a 3-0 victory as a walkover. This victory and three points not only ensured they qualify for the national round but also see them as the group leaders at the end of this first round. Fateh Hyderabad ended their first round unbeaten with three wins and three draws.
Two other teams of the group, Ozone FC and Kenkre FC faced off yesterday as well in which Ozone picked up a 3-2 victory. This loss for Kenkre dropped them to second place, making Fateh take over the top spot in their group at the end of this first round.

“A walkover feels a bit hollow as we were up for the game. The flip side is I do not think I am being unfair by saying we fully deserve to win the group based on our performances. We set a goal that our minimum acceptable target was to qualify for the second round and that is satisfying and shows our progress as a club.” says technical and sporting director, Yogesh Maurya.

With this national round qualification, Fateh Hyderabad will start their next round of the 2nd Division sometime in April. Before that, they will have the Rahim League to play in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad edge Ozone

The loss means Ozone stay third in Group C with seven points, while the Hyderabad side rise to the top spot with nine points and have sealed their place in the final round of the league. Ozone’s fate depends on other results going in their favour before they meet Mumbai’s Kenkre FC in their final league fixture on February 24.

Coming on the back of a comfortable win against Pride Sports, Ozone were expected to put up a fight against Fateh. But even before the spectators could find their seats and settle down, the home side found themselves chasing the game.

Manoj Kannan found Nima Tamang with a cross from the right in the third minute. Tamang did well to beat his marker and his miscued shot looped over an advanced Nikhil Barnard in the Ozone goal to give his team the lead.

Midway through the opening half, the visitors doubled their lead. Once again it was Kannan who turned the provider. The former Income Tax player’s cross from the left was met by Nongmeithem Singh, who scored in the 23rd minute.

The top scorer of the league, Anto Xavier, pulled one back for the hosts in the 40th minute when he guided in a Vignesh corner.

In the second half, Fateh goalkeeper Kunzang Bhutia suffered a concussion after clashing with a team-mate and was immediately taken to the hospital. “We had a X-ray done on Bhutia’s neck region and the reports have come back negative. It was an impact injury and he should be fit for the next game,” said Yogesh Maurya, the Fateh assistant coach.


Nima Tamang and Nongmeithem Bonison Singh struck to put the visitors ahead early in the first half. Ozone pulled one back through Anto Xavier, but they couldn’t quite find that elusive equaliser despite dominating possession and seeing a lot of chances come their way.

The result left Fateh Hyderabad at the top of four-team Group C with nine points from five matches, one more than Kenkre FC who play Pride Sports (0) on Friday.

Ozone are third in the group with seven points from five matches.

For Ozone to qualify, other results must go their way. They will hope Kenkre FC lose to Pride on Friday, and they then have to beat them in their last match on Feb 24 in Mumbai. The other way Ozone can make it through is if they beat Kenkre on Feb 24 and Hyderabad lose their last fixture against Pride Sports.

A win on Thursday would have seen Ozone progress, but they were pegged back in the third minute itself. Tamang miscued a shot off Manoj Swamy’s cross from the left, which looped over Ozone goalkeeper Nikhil Bernard.

Ozone had more chances later in the first half, but failed to convert. Their comeback hopes were all but over when Hyderabad doubled the lead in the 23rd minute.

Manoj turned provider, firing a cross from the left to the anticipating strikers in the box. Bernard looked to punch the cross away, but Bonison Singh got there before the goalkeeper could and found the top left corner.

Anto gave Ozone hope when he made the most of a scuffle in the box. In the 40th minute, Ozone had shouts for a handball, following a corner by Vignesh D, turned down. But amidst the cries for a penalty, the ball ricocheted off a couple of Hyderabad defenders and landed at Anto, who completed a routine tap-in.

Ozone pushed for the equaliser after the break. They brought on attacking substitutes —Satish Kumar (46th) replacing Pradeep Mohanraj and striker Vignesh Gunashekar coming off for Vignesh D in the 59th minute. However, Vignesh was too profligate.

Satish also had a wonderful one-two combination with Durga Boro in the 74th minute but the striker’s attempt was blocked by a Hyderabad defender who collided with his own goalkeeper, Kunzang Bhutia, to nullify the threat. Bhutia suffered a concussion as a result of the crash too and was replaced by Anand Mohan subsequently.

Frustration got to the Ozone team. Coach Bert Zuurman was warned for aiming a spare ball, meant to be cleared out of play, towards the fourth official. The strikers meanwhile squandered the long precise balls that were powered in by Ozone defender Vivekananda S from the left. CS Sabeeth in particular had a great first touch to one such ball five minutes before time, but instead of going for the goal with his left foot, he looked to pass it to a teammate and the chance was lost.

(Credit: Bangalore Mirror)

Fateh Hyderabad AFC posts win

Fateh Hyderabad AFC took out an inconsistent Ozone FC Bengaluru 2-1 in the I-League second division league here on Thursday. The three points gained took Fateh Hyderabad AFC (nine points from five matches) to the top of Group ‘C’, while Ozone FC (seven from five matches) slipped to the third spot.

Both teams have one league match to come. The top two sides qualify to the I-League second division final round.

The visitor took the lead in just the third minute when a fine cross from left-back Manoj Swamy found Nima Tamang inside the box. Tamang did not make the best of contact, but managed to get the ball to loop over the Ozone FC custodian, Nikhil Bernand.

Manoj created Fateh Hyderabad’s second goal as well. His rather innocuous cross was left unattended by the Ozone FC defence and goalkeeper, which allowed Bonison Singh to find the net with a header.

A couple of minutes later, Fateh Hyderabad nearly made it 3-0. Bernard rushed out of the penalty area to make a clearance, prompting Tamang to attempt a long-range shot. The attempt forced a goal-line save by a Ozone FC defender.

Just before half-time, the home team pulled one back through Anto Xavier. Ozone FC looked largely listless and rusty through the rest of the encounter, and paid the price.

The result:

Fateh Hyderabad AFC 2 (Nima Tamang 3, Bonison Singh 23) bt Ozone FC 1 (Anto Xavier 40).

(Credit: The Hindu)

Ten-men Fateh hold Ozone

A high intense Group C encounter between hosts Fateh Hyderabad AFC and Bengaluru outfit Ozone FC of the I-League second division ended in a goalless draw at the Gachibowli Stadium on Sunday.

Fateh, who faced their biggest challenge against a stronger Ozone side, held on to their nerves as they managed to script out a draw in spite of playing with ten men after defender Ponif Vaz was shown the red card.

With the draw, Fateh are placed second with five points and are still in the run for qualification into second round. But the Hyderabad team lost the top spot to Kenkre FC (7 points) who defeated Jabalpur side Pride Sports on Saturday.

Ozone which came into the game with a home win against Pride Sports showed no glimpses of form as they were outperformed by the inexperienced Fateh in the first half of the encounter.

Fateh once again proved that they have the most formidable defensive line-up as the back-four once again kept the opposition at bay without conceding any goals.

Under-22 midfielder Rinreithan Shaiza of Fateh set the handful of crowd, who came to support their side cheering when his powerful long-ranger from outside the box whizzed past the woodwork in the early minutes of the game.

Ozone defence had a hard time tackling Fateh’s midfield duo of Portuguese winger Luis Carlos Nogueira Santos and attacking midfielder Nima Tamang from Sikkim. The diminutive Nima known for his creative passes though was not at his best form but Luis who missed the first match due to injury displayed excellent skill and technique to puzzle the Ozone defence.

Ozone made their first substitution by bringing in seasoned campaigner Kerala-man Sabeeth Sathyan (30th min) in place of Vignesh Gunashekar in the attack.

Fateh’s midfield looked more compact and composed unlike their previous encounters and fared better than their Bengaluru counterparts. But the city outfit still lacked the killing instinct as they failed to create chances and could not find any openings.

New signing and forward Roby Alberto Norales Nunez of Honduras who came to Ozone from I-League first division side Bengaluru FC recently, was soon replaced after halftime, by under-22 player Akshay Kumar Dospati as he failed to exhibit a decent show.

Fateh’s worst fears came true when they lost left wing back Ponif Vaz. He was shown the exit door for a rash and untimely tackle on midfielder and Ozone’s star player Anto Xavier.

Englishman Adam MItter Thomas joined the defensive setup playing centre back along with skipper Gurtej Singh after Vaz’s red card to carry the forward. His towering presence at the back restricted many a chances created by Ozone in the second session of the game.

With ten-men Fateh had to change their game plan and fell back on the defence. Ozone’s best chance came in the 75th minute of the game when Anto tried for grinding left footer which just flew across the left post keeping alive Fateh’s hopes.

(Credit: Telangana Today – Siddharth Suresh)

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