Fateh Hyderabad top group and qualify for 2nd round

Fateh Hyderabad AFC ended their first round on a high – literally – by topping their group (group C) of the 2nd Division League and qualifying for the second and national round.

Fateh Hyderabad AFC went to Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, to play Pride Sports FC in their last match of the 2nd Division League’s first round on January 24th but had to see the end of their round in an unconventional manner.
Pride Sports FC, which is facing internal problems, forfeited the match by not showing up at the Ordinance Stadium for the match as per regulations. As a result, Fateh Hyderabad were awarded a 3-nil victory as a walkover.
On the same day, the other two teams in the group, Kenkre FC and Ozone FC, also faced each other off in Mumbai where Ozone FC emerged victorious with a 3-2 scoreline. This loss for Kenkre made them drop their top spot to Fateh Hyderabad, who received three points due to the forfeit and walkover victory.

Fateh remain the only team in the group to be unbeaten in their six matches – with three wins and three draws. They ended their round with 12 points with Kenkre FC being the other team from the group to qualify with 11 points.

Fateh Hyderabad will commence their second round in April having the Rahim League before that in March.

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