About Us

Fateh Hyderabad AFC

Fateh means victory and instantly strikes a chord with Hyderabad.

Fateh Hyderabad AFC is the first club from the City of Hyderabad to participate in the I-League Division.

The Club has participated in four seasons to-date.

The club was founded in September 2015 by Wharton schoolmates, Yogesh Maurya and Aditya Narayanan.

Fateh Hyderabad AFC Emblem

• The logo reflects the city’s diversity, referring to its 400-year history, culture and faith.

• The crown stands for the regality of the Nizams, tri-color draping the state of Telangana, the two deer, the state animal, standing guard.

• The archer symbolizes the goddess Artemis, prioritizing intelligent physicality over brute force.

• Names in English, Telugu, Urdu and Hindi mirror the melting pot of languages.

“The Club believes in its vision and core values and living them to create a culture! It really is a journey of building day by day through actions.

Hopefully, over time, those actions get embedded into the grass on the pitch and into the walls and halls of the club.”